What should my bitty wear to class?

We request that dancers wear a leotard, tights or leggings and grippy socks or ballet slippers. Your local consignment shops usually have a few of the items, and Target or your local dance store will have what you need as well.

Be sure to check with friends and fellow dancers for outgrown items, we encourage passing items down as they grow so quickly!

Do parents stay in the class?

Our program is an independent class for the bittys - we have found that this age group does well paying attention to the instructor(s) in this setting.  Many of our host locations are visible for parents to check in and we always invite family and friends into our last class of the session for a small show and to showcase what we have been working on.

Should your child have repeated issues with you leaving, your instructor is always happy to create an environment that they are comfortable. If that means you stretch with us to get them engaged, let's do it!

Is there a recital?

The last class of each session or camp will include a small show for family & friends for the dancers to showcase what we have been working on. We do our best to make the bittys comfortable and have fun, so each show will be a little different depending on the class abilities and the season.

We always have lots of smiles and invite parents to dance with their kids after our show.

Which level should my bitty join?

For host locations offering two levels, we use the following guide:

Level 1: 2.5 - 3.5 years of age. If your dancer is on the cusp and is a first time participant, choose level 1.
Level 2: 3.5 - 6 years of age. If your dancer is younger or on the cusp and has taken one or two sessions of level 1, choose level 2.

These are not rigid guidelines and we will work with our families, please contact us if there is time conflict with one of the levels for you or if you are still unsure which to choose.

My child is less than 2.5, do you have classes for that age?

Our standard 6-week programs and summer camps are designed for children ages 2.5-6 years of age.  However, we know some of the younger bittys are chomping at the bit to get dancing.  You are in luck!

We are in the process of developing some at-home and on-the-go classes & activities you can subscribe to.  Stay tuned in the coming months 0f 2018 for the details!

In the meantime, we do offer Bitty Ballet Birthdays and community events.