Bitty Ballet® is a program designed for preschool & early education children as an introduction to dance & the basics of ballet. Ballet is a wonderful stepping stone to encourage group participation, listening to an instructor and a true love of dance and movement for these developing souls. Simple ballet positions and moves also encourage physical activity and controlled body movements in toddlers.

Two or three levels of Bitty Ballet are offered at many locations – our six-week sessions are offered for first time participants or ages 2.5 – 3.5 (Level I), and for our older toddlers and seasoned participants or ages 3.5 -5 (Level II). Specific lesson plans and activities are provided to parents & participants of each session.

New offerings in some regions include our 2+ class for 6-8 year olds and level 2 graduates – this 11-week session is a great way to continue the transition into traditional dance programs. Stay tuned for more offerings!

Summer camps are offered at many of our host locations for children ages 3-6 years – with a 4-day program combining our signature Bitty Ballet® curriculum with snack time and creative movement activities.

Please check out our sessions offered & Bitty Ballet® instructors. For more information or to request a session to be held in your area, contact us & we’d love to chat more about Bitty Ballet!