Gain access to fun & interactive ballet activities at-home or on-the-go with our new Bittys-At-Home channel.

We love to spread the love of dance to children of all ages.  While our standard classes are designed for children starting at the age of 2.5, we know there are younger bittys that are ready to dance. We are now offering digital classes on-demand where you and your bitty can dance at home or on-the-go together and introduce them to class at any age.

Membership to Bittys-At-Home is easy & quick & FREE.

We will provide monthly at-home and on-the-go activities on our Bitty Ballet™ YouTube™ channel to our subscribers – so join NOW!

Subscribers will enjoy new content for FREE to introduce your bitty to the joy of dance & the basics of ballet. These fun activities will also help children prepare for our regular 6-week sessions starting at age 2.5 and traditional dance classes after the age of 5.

Activities are best suited for children 1.5 to 2.5 years of age, but everyone can enjoy.